The Endless Proverb by John Shipman, 2013-2015

The Endless Proverb Model of the Universe · 2015

Odd that we call the end of a rope or chain, the end; while in Greek it is the beginning. — Geoffrey Madan

The Endless Proverb (the book) · 2013 – 2015

The Department of Household Sciences & Advanced Proverbs is pleased to announce the November 2015 publication of the 300-page, illustrated, limited-run soft cover print edition of The Endless Proverb by John Shipman.

Meaning and purpose, order and disorder, despair and wonder…

A 10,000 line, ten-hour long sentence constructed from proverbs from around the world, The Endless Proverb was part of John's Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto 2013 independent project — Ten Models of the Universe presented by the Department of Household Sciences & Advanced Proverbs featuring The Endless Proverb (more info here).

One visitor commented, "I took two turns reading The Endless Proverb. Sometimes grim, sometimes hilarious, always thought-provoking and hypnotic. Thank you for creating such a unique and special experience."

« Impressive and beautifully done! »

For a quick look inside The Endless Proverb, download pages 32-33.

The Endless Proverb by John Shipman, 2015To reserve / order your copies, please contact John.

ISBN · 978-0-9939789-0-6
Softcover with bellyband dust jacket
First printing · November 2015
300 pages, illustrated
5.25 x 9 inches

Designed by Joy Shipman and printed by Bookmobile